Ductile printed media and methods of use therefore

A ductile media for receiving an image thereon is disclosed and comprises a ductile mesh and an elastomeric membrane fixed to at least a top side of the mesh. The ductile mesh is preferably an expanded metal material. The elastomeric membrane has a substantially flat top surface that is adapted to receive the image thereon. A printable coating may be further applied to the top surface of the membrane. In one embodiment of the invention, a selectively removable liner is temporarily fixed with adhesive to a bottom surface of the mesh or to a bottom surface of the elastomeric membrane to prevent printer feeding rollers of a printing device, for example, from deforming or stretching the media as the media advances through the printing process. Alternately the image may be applied to the ductile media through a heat transfer or dye-sublimation process. Once the image is printed on the media, the user may form the media into a desired shape by applying pressure thereto. Additionally, the elastomeric membrane may be impregnated with a water-reactive hardening agent, such that once the media is formed into a desired shape, water may be introduced to the elastomeric membrane to activate the hardening agent and cause the media to become substantially rigid.
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