Method and apparatus of manufacturing annular concentric stranded bead cord

A method of manufacturing an annular concentric stranded bead cord, wherein, while rotating an annular core at a fixed position in a peripheral direction, a reel, upon which a lateral wire is wound, repeatedly performs a pendulum swinging movement and a perpendicular movement with respect to the annular core, thereby spirally winding the lateral wire upon the annular core to form a sheath layer. When forming the sheath layer, a fulcrum of the pendulum swinging movement of the reel is determined so that, with reference to a tangential line of a circle of the annular core passing through a winding point where the lateral wire is wound upon the annular core, the lateral wire is wound upon the winding point of the annular core within 15 degrees at a position above the tangential line and within a range of 55 degrees at a position below the tangential line.
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