Twist-tie catch twister apparatus

A twist-tie catch twister apparatus is taught that consists of dual feed rollers that feed twist-tie material through a back opening in a catch twister into the groove of a peripheral ring, which continues around the ring penetrating the front side of the catch twister through a second opening. The twist-tie material is then retained by a twist-tie clamp and the rollers reverse rotation drawing the twist-tie material onto a workpiece. The catch twist motor rotates the catch twister one half turn twisting to hold tension on the workpiece. A twist-tie cutter, positioned between the feed rollers and split ring, severs the twist-tie material and the twist-tie tape clamp opens with the motor rotating the catch twister a predetermined number of turns and then reverses at least one half turn to release the twisted material and the split ring opens for removal of the twist-tie secured workpiece.
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