Wire curl diameter adjusting mechanism for tying machine

Two guide pins 11 and 12 formed upright in a guide plate 7 are received in guide pin fitting holes 13 and 14 formed in a guide member 8. Fixed screws 23a and 23b are screw-connected to the guide pins 11 and 12. One guide pin 12 is fitted to the corresponding guide pin fitting hole 14 with a play. Screw holes 20 and 21 are formed through the inner surface of the guide pin fitting hole 14 and the outer surface of the guide member 8. An angle of the guide member 8 with respect to the guide plate 7 is adjusted by allowing front ends of embedded screws 22a and 22b respectively screw-inserted in the screw holes 20 and 21 to respectively engage with a peripheral surface of the guide pin 12.
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