Cord manufacturing apparatus and cord manufacturing method

A helical cord having an elliptical shape and the like is manufactured so that a length-to-width ratio or a dimension of a shaped form of the cord to be shaped in a longitudinal direction can be changed. A cord (C) is sequentially passed through through holes (21H, 22H) of stationary and movable shaping bodies (21, 22) opposing each other of a shaping device (20). At that time, the movable shaping body (22) is moved along the stationary shaping body (21) by a moving device so that the through holes (21H, 22H) become eccentric with respect to each other, and the cord (C) passing between the eccentric through holes (21H, 22H) is bent and deformed so as to be shaped. Also, a first and a second displacement mechanism that displace the movable shaping body (22) in X- and Y-directions are provided in the moving device, the movable shaping body (22) is thereby reciprocatingly displaced in the both directions in synchronization by displacement amounts which were set, respectively, the movable shaping body (22) is continuously moved in response to the displacements in the both directions, and thus the passing cord (C) is shaped.
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