Sleeve inserting apparatus

A sleeve inserting apparatus, which can securely insert a sleeve into the inside of a braid of a coaxial cable, is provided. The sleeve inserting apparatus 1, includes: a base 22; a cable holding part 23 holding an end part 2a of a coaxial cable 2, the cable holding part 23 being provided on the base 22; a braid spreading part 24 spreading a braid 3 exposed from the end part 2a; a sleeve receiving cylinder 27 receiving a sleeve 4 inside, an end part of the sleeve receiving cylinder 27 facing the end part 2a being formed tapered; a cylinder transferring part 26 making the sleeve receiving cylinder 27 and the end part of 2a the coaxial cable 2 approach each other; and a sleeve pushing part 28 pushing the sleeve 4 situated in the sleeve receiving cylinder 27 to the inside of the braid 3.
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