Hello, We are pleased to inform you again of the result of the Internet Draws. All email addresses entered for this promotional draws were randomly inputted from an internet resource database using the Synchronized Data Collective Balloting Program. This is our second letter to you. After this automated computer ballot,your email address was selected in Category A with Ref Number: GTL03-2013 and E-Ticket Number: EUB/8974IT,this qualifies you to be the recipient of the grand prize award sum of wo Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars. The payout of this cash prize to you will be subject to the final validations and satisfactory report that you are the bona fide owner of the winning email address. In line with the governing rules of claim, you are required to establish contact with your designated claims agent via email or telephone with the particulars below: Name: Mr. Samuel Trotti, Tel: +39 3888146161 and Email: tsam.info@yahoo.it You may establish contact with the Enquiry Officer via the e-mail address above with the information’s necessary: Name:, Address:, Phone:, Cell Phone:, Email:, Alternative Email:, Occupation:, Ref Number and E-Ticket Number. Regards, Grande Michael