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Preparation of filler-metal weld rod by injection molding of powder

TJ Kelly – CA Patent 2,512,426, 2013
The process is also relatively expensive. The cost of the weld rod is therefore high, relative to
the material cost. More recently, techniques have been developed to make the weld rod from
powder by specialized casting or wire drawing of a powder-filled tube.

A smoothing procedure based on quasi-C< sup> 1</sup> interpolation for 3D contact mechanics with applications to metal forming

M Hachani, L Fourment – Computers & Structures, 2013
The efficiency and reliability of the resulting contact model are assessed on several examples,
such as ironing a bulk parallelepiped or a plate, before being applied to metal forming processes,
such as wire drawing, rolling of long products and orbital forging. Keywords.

电线电缆导体表面清理装置 Wire and cable conductor surface cleaning device

曾玉成, 甘露, 王鹏 – CN Patent 102,364,607, 2013
导线压型、导线绞制及绝缘挤包前的不同工位上,实现高效便捷的导体表面清理。 The device of the
invention can be widely used in a variety of wire and cable production processes, flexible
configuration for wire and cable production process wire drawing, wire pressure type, wire

数控金属旋压机及其软件操作方法 CNC metal spinning machine and its software operation method

张建利 – CN Patent 102,228,925, 2013
模具最少3付,拉伸模具2付、切边模具I付,设备投资约40万,模具投资约3万。 [0038] If the currently
used conventional drawing process completed, the need equipment for two, stretching machines
and punch each one, mold least 3 pay 2 pay drawing dies, trimming dies I pay

Cable and method of making the same

DE Johnson, C Mccullough, HE Deve – CA Patent 2,568,527, 2013
60.5 %IACS. The rods were drawn down at room temperature using five intermediate
dies as is known in the art, and finally a trapezoidal shaped forming die. The drawing
dies were made of tungsten carbide. The geometry

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