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Properties of cryo-drawn copper with severely twinned microstructure

A Kauffmann, J Freudenberger, H Klauß, V Klemm… – Materials Science and …, 2013
September 2013. Abstract. We present the work hardening behaviour, mechanical
and electrical properties of pure copper subjected to wire drawing at 77 K and 295
K, respectively. The deformation 3.2. Wire drawing. The goals of an

Study of the temperature-field dependence of the critical currents in Nb-Ti strands for the ITER poloidal field magnet system

M Polikarpova, P Lukianov, Y Karasev, V Pantsyrny… – 2013
The main features of the NbTi strand process – forming a fine regular heterogeneous structure –
consist of heat treatments, which precipitate the normal conducting α-Ti phase, and wire drawing
steps, which reduce the α-Ti precipitates to the optimum size for flux pinning [3

[HTML] Grain boundary segregation in advanced steels

D Raabe, D Ponge, R Kirchheim, H Assadi, YJ Li…
We observed that cold wire drawing not only strengthens pearlite via a Hall-Petch effect by
gradually refining the lamellae structure, but also causes partial chemical decomposition of
cementite and even a transition from crystalline to amorphous cementite [3],[42].

Bi-2212 Round Wire Development for High Field Applications

Y Huang, H Miao, S Hong, JA Parrell – 2013
in Cryogenics Eng. vol. 58, p. 315, 2012. [16] M. Karuna, JA Parrell, and DC Larbalestier, “Study
of powder density, Ag: superconductor ratio, and microhardness of BSCCO-2212 Ag-sheathed
wires and tapes during wire drawing and rolling”, IEEE Trans. Appl. Supercond. 5, pp.

[PDF] Impact of Printing

J Gutenberg
Page 1. 9/3/2013 1 The Italian Renaissance -Key Concepts- Chapter 12 Early
Renaissance What was the Renaissance? ∎ Period following the middle ages
(1450-1550) Renaissance = Rebirth Jacob Burkhardt ∎ Civil. of the

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S Anderson, L Meksin, T Carlin, S Lichty, S Powell…
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