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A Study of the Influences on Stress and Temperature Caused by Different Wire Drawing Parameters by Numerical Simulation

PJ Sun, FL Zhai, DX Liu, JL Yan, J Ning – Advanced Materials Research, 2013
Abstract: This paper analysed the first-step of dry drawing of steel cords by numerical
simulation. In different working conditions, a couple of simulations were made to analyses
the influences on stress and temperature, different work cone angle, drawing speed, high

一种拉丝机的报警装置 One kind of alarm device drawing machine

林云峰, 王毅 – CN Patent 203,091,439, 2013
本实用新型涉及一种拉丝机,尤其涉及一种拉丝机的报警装置。 The utility model relates to
a wire drawing machine, wire drawing machine in particular relates to an alarm device.

High Pressure Torsioning of Cu-9Fe-1.2 X (X= Co, Ni, Ag) Microcomposites and their Microstructural and Mechanical Evolution

WM Choi, SI Hong – Advanced Materials Research, 2013
The highest strength of HPTed Cu-Fe-Ag (850MPa) however is smaller than that attained by
wire drawing (920MPa). As shown in Fig. [3] The highest strength of HPTed Cu-Fe-Ag (850MPa)
however is smaller than that attained by wire drawing (920MPa).

一种银合金的拉丝装置 One kind of brushed silver alloy device

王海涛, 凌国良, 乐平 – CN Patent 203,124,439, 2013
的竖直穿有一根转轴(4)。 The utility model relates to a silver alloy wire drawing devices, including

拉丝机乱线制动机构 Chaos wire drawing machine brake mechanism

庄鸣, 裴尤青 – CN Patent 203,044,545, 2013
本实用新型涉及一种拉丝机乱线制动机构, 属于拉丝机技术领域. The utility model relates to a
wire drawing machine chaos brake mechanism, are drawing machine technology.
其包括底座, 销轴, 转臂, 穿线环, 座板, 行程开关, 螺栓和立板, 底座上连接两个互相平行的立板

一种直进式拉丝机防护装置 A direct-wire drawing machine guards

陆海 – CN Patent 203,108,957, 2013
本实用新型涉及一种直进式拉丝机防护装置, 包括罩体, 其中, 所述罩体一侧设置有操作台,
在所述操作台上设置有润滑粉装载窗及观察窗. The utility model relates to a straight wire
drawing machine guards, including the cover, wherein the cover body side is provided

线材拉伸设备乱线自动停车装置 Automatic line wire drawing equipment indiscriminate parking device

肖海涛, 崔少志 – CN Patent 203,118,677, 2013
本实用新型涉及一种线材拉伸设备乱线自动停车装置, 属于电缆制作技术领域. The utility model
relates to a wire drawing equipment arbitrary line automatic stopping device, belonging to
cable production technology. 技术方案是: 包含支架(1), 摆臂(2), 导轮一(3), 导轮二(4), 行程

一种铝丝拉丝机 An aluminum wire drawing machine

胡文静 – CN Patent 203,091,440, 2013
本实用新型公开了一种铝丝拉丝机, 包括电机组件, 齿轮组, 基座和拉丝旋转滚轮组,
所述齿轮组包括第一齿轮和第二齿轮, 所述拉丝旋转滚轮组包括上滚轮和下滚轮,
所述第一齿轮套设在下齿轮的一端, 所述第二齿轮套设在上滚轮的一端, 所述第一齿轮和所述

塑料拉丝机离合变速器 Plastic wire drawing machine clutch transmission

沈永松 – CN Patent 203,098,799, 2013
本实用新型提供了绕线性能突出, 并且能降低污染和延长使用寿命的塑料拉丝机离合变速器.
The utility model provides a winding outstanding performance, and can reduce pollution and
extend the life of the plastic wire drawing machine clutch transmission. 本实用新型提供的

用于加工拔丝机绕线盘的车床 For the processing of wire drawing machine wire spool lathe

颜成华 – CN Patent 203,109,240, 2013
本实用新型公开了一种用于加工拔丝机绕线盘的车床, 包括床身, 设置在所述床身上的绕线盘
安装轴和刀架轨道, 滑动联接于所述刀架轨道上的刀架, 以及固定于所述绕线盘安装轴一侧并与
上述绕线盘安装轴联接传动联接的动力机构. The utility model discloses a method for

一种 MgB 2 线材的电塑性拉拔装置及拉拔方法 One kind of MgB 2 electrical wire drawing device and pull the plastic method

熊晓梅, 闫果, 纪平, 王庆阳, 贾佳林, 焦高峰, 刘国庆… – CN Patent 102,489,533, 2013
,所述金属连接件由铜连接件。 (2) as claimed in claim 1, wherein a plastic MgB2 wire …

井字型进线辊 Well shaped line roller

庄鸣, 裴尤青, 冯小萍, 袁明 – CN Patent 203,124,446, 2013
产生阻力;调整方便,能够满足高质量的钢丝拉拔生产。 The utility model is compact and reasonable;
able to adjust the limit to enter the multi-faceted wire drawing dies, wire drawing

一种双向塑料焊接土工格 A two-way plastic welding geogrid

李广文 – CN Patent 203,080,379, 2013
directions intertwined fixed form Geocell, the tensile plastic strip (1 ) from the periphery of wrapping
a layer of polyethylene plastic material of the skin, and the vertical and horizontal stretch plastic
strip (1) of the cross-connect nodes by extrusion welding wire drawing mill is fixed.

新型钢丝模具架 New steel mold frame

冯达川 – CN Patent 203,076,352, 2013
拉丝模固定在模座上,此结构复杂废力,不符合现有的需求。 [0002] The current steel wire drawing
machine mold has drawing dies, positioning sleeve and connected sets composition, positioning
sleeve sleeve located between the connecting wire drawing dies, drawing dies

压线辊 Pressure line roller

庄鸣, 裴尤青, 冯小萍, 袁明 – CN Patent 203,124,447, 2013
保证高速拉拔的顺利进行。 [0002] After the initial processing of metal wire, the need to go through
multi-pass drawing specifications before they can form filaments, drawing machine dies and roll
roller room with pressure line, wire drawing dies extension in the process, After the

导线干燥装置 Wire drying device

丁俊, 李万胜 – CN Patent 203,108,971, 2013
保证了产品的美观度,避免了人工清理,节省了劳动力,降低了生产成本。 The utility model has the
beneficial effect is achieved by the end of the wire drawing machine wire set up a drying device
to make the wire after drawing simultaneously sucked dry cleaning wire drawing

一种可自动检测的拉丝机 A program that automatically detects the drawing machine

韩磊 – CN Patent 203,076,347, 2013
于第一导丝轮和第二导丝轮中间的加热装置,检测机构为红外检测装置、报警装置和急停装置。 The
utility model discloses an automatic detection of wire drawing machine, comprising a

Heat Treatments Effect on the Mechanical Properties of Industrial Drawn Copper Wires

A Beribeche, Z Boumerzoug, V Ji – Advanced Materials Research, 2013
Baudin et al. [5] investigated the crystallographic texture and microstructure of an electrolytic
tough pitch copper by EBSD after cold wire drawing and after primary recrystallization. We
notice that the ratio of wire drawing is (Eq.1): 0 0 S SS − = ε % (1)

可调式导向轮组 Adjustable guide wheels

杨自强, 田春连, 曹彩云 – CN Patent 203,124,437, 2013
背景技术 BACKGROUND. [0002] 伸线机利用金属线材具备的可延展性,通过模具的压缩使其
直径变小,从而达到我们需要的线径大小,在线材的生产加工中,伸线机得到广泛的应用。 [0002]
the use of metal wire drawing machine with the scalability, compression through a die to

一种可快速拉丝的拉丝机 A quick way of drawing drawing machine

韩磊 – CN Patent 203,076,348, 2013
III后端设有拉丝粉盒,拉丝粉盒上设有密封盖,拉丝粉盒的后端设有出丝卷轴。 The utility model
discloses a quick drawing of wire drawing machine, comprising a frame, wherein: the

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