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Failure Analysis of Tower Axle in the Wet Drawing Machine

Y Xu, RB Song, YS Jia, GF Li, S Huang – Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2013
Abstract: The paper presents a failure analysis of tower axle in the water tank wire drawing
machine. Material of the tower axle is 40Cr steel. In order to find failure reasons of tower axle
in wire drawing machine, the author works on the analysis of failure. Investigation methods


D Mukhopadhyay, KE Bertagnolli, JJ Gonzalez – US Patent 20,130,228,383, 2013
Other embodiments include applications utilizing the disclosed PDCs in various articles
and apparatuses, such as rotary drill bits, bearing apparatuses, wiredrawing dies,
machining equipment, and other articles and apparatuses.

Development of a Manual Metal Arc Welding Flux from Local Raw Materials in Nigeria

OF Adekunle, OA Oyakhobo, I Akii – Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2013
The core wire used for this project was purchased from Oshogbo [2]. The billet which was
produced at the Delta Steel Company, Aladja was hot-rolled at the Oshogbo Rolling
Company and drawn by a local wire drawing outfit. Flux Synthesis

软导体直流电力电缆 DC power cable with flexible conductor

杨志强, 欧迪恒, 刘慧, 伍英 – CN Patent 203,038,707, 2013
long discharge line drawing constant tension system to ensure uniform thousands of filaments,
eliminating differences in wire diameter, monofilament stress consistent, eliminate bumps or
broken monofilament and other defects; smooth precision wire drawing dies, wire

Corrosion resistance of surface modified nickel titanium arch wires

M Krishnan, S Seema, AV Kumar, NP Varthini… – The Angle Orthodontist, 2013
arch wire fracture.9 Similarly, fluoride ions present in various anticaries preparations are also
known to increase their susceptibility to corrosion.10 NiTi arch wires are made from an ingot
through multiple stages of heat treatment and by different types of wire drawing methods.2

WC/Co composite surface structure and nano graphite precipitate induced by high current pulsed electron beam irradiation

SZ Hao, Y Zhang, Y Xu, N Gey, T Grosdidier, C Dong – Applied Surface Science, 2013
As compared with other solid lubricants, graphite has a higher melting point and better
performance at high temperature. It was used as a wiredrawing lubricant for tungsten and
molybdenum at temperatures as high as 1100 °C in ambient air conditions [9]. Prashant et al.

The [Ti] Content Control of the Tire Cord Steel 82A

PF Zhang, ZL Xue, F Zou, R Xiong, TT Zhu, GJ Wang… – Advanced Materials …, 2013
important. Recently, the produced tire cord steel 82A often appear wire drawing
brittle fracture problem in a certain steel plant, which is due to the severe exceeding
of titanium non-metallic inclusions in steel after analysising.

Energy-power conditions for drawing bimetal blanks

GL Kolmogorov, TV Chernova, YA Vlasova… – Russian Journal of Non- …, 2013
Another significant characteristic of this process is the drawing stress: σdraw = P/F1, (3) where
P is the drawing force applied to the leading end of the blank. The actual problem of wire drawing
production lies in the attainment of the minimum σdraw, which λ d0 2 /d1 2 , =

Investigation of Tool Life in Turning of AISI D6 Steel

N Parlak, L Ozler, N Dogru – Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2013
Cold work tool steel is one of these wear resistant materials. These materials they
are being used pretty much in punching dies, paper and plastic knives, deep drawing
dies, metal turning dies, pressing dies and roller dies. The

Cuckoo search algorithm for economic dispatch

M Basu, A Chowdhury – Energy, 2013
the unit is slowly varied through its operating region. Wire drawing effects, occurring
as each steam admission valve in a turbine starts to open, produce a rippling effect
on the unit curve. To model the effect of valve-points, a

The Application of Surface Response Methodology to the Pretreatment of WC Substrates Prior to Diamond Coating

MR Shirdar, A Golshan, S Izman, D Ghodsiyeh – Journal of Materials Engineering and …
roughness tungsten carbide (WC-12%Co). Introduction. Cemented tungsten carbides
are widely used for cutting tools, wire drawing dies, bearings, and other wear-resistant
engineering components. The life span of these components

[PDF] Особенности конструирования изделий из керамических материалов

ИМ Панова
The article describes the application of silicon nitride based material for manufacturing drawing
dies. The bending test is considered the best way to determine the material strength. Determination
of stre- ss-strain state of drawing dies was made by means of FEM.

一种个性化弓丝弯制夹具 A personalized arch wire bending jig

黄伟红, 赵志河, 钱玉芬, 宋虎生, 李祖安 – CN Patent 102,284,653, 2013
in the horizontal plane. 工作台上有四个锁紧弓丝图纸的压片和一个锁紧弓丝6的夹头。 Work
bench with four locking arch wire drawing tablet and a locking collet arch wire 6. [0021]

Advances in Development of Titanium Alloys for Spinal Fixation Applications-Titanium Alloys with High Fatigue Strength and Low Springback for Spinal Fixation …

M Niinomi, M Nakai, J Hieda, K Cho, K Narita – Key Engineering Materials, 2014
Solution treatment: 1063K,3.6ks βtr: 1013K Aging treatments: 723K,259.2 ks 673K,259.2 ks
WQ Coil Wire drawing (Area reduction ratio: 16%) (a) Process STA WQ Cold caliber rolling (Area
reduction ratio: 88%) WQ βtr: 1013K Cold swaging (Area reduction ratio: 91%) WQ

A proposed satisfaction function model to optimize process performance with multiple quality responses in the Taguchi method

A Al-Refaie – Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, …, 2013
Page 1. Original Article Proc IMechE Part B: J Engineering Manufacture 0(0) 1–11 ” IMechE 2013
Reprints and permissions: DOI: 10.1177/
0954405413498583 A proposed satisfaction function model

[PDF] The flow and heat transfer of a nanofluid past a stretching/shrinking sheet with a convective boundary condition

S Mansur, A Ishak
solutions, nanofluid Page 2. 1. Introduction The boundary layer flow over a stretching
sheet is important in applications such as extrusion, wire drawing, metal spinning,
hot rolling etc. [1]. Crane [2] pioneered the study of stretching

[PDF] Effect of Plasma Nitriding Treatment on Fatigue Life of En-24 steel

UN Puntambekar, GS Grewal, PB Joshi…
A coil of hot-rolled wire-rod of 20 mm diameter was obtained from steel plant. Subsequently
wire drawing was done to obtain scale and decarburization free rods of 18.7 mm diameter.
The rod material had an average austenitic grain size No.

用于内燃机的活塞环材料 The piston ring material for internal combustion engine

CN Patent 101,978,085, 2013
tensile test specimen shape. 将试样进行拉伸试验,用于评价金属丝的拉伸加工性
和轧制加工性。 The sample was subjected to a tensile test to evaluate the wire drawing
process and the rolling workability. 结果显示在表2中。 The


co- ordinate system–upper and lower bound solution methods–thermo elastic Elasto plasticity–
Analysis of plastic deformation in Forging, Rolling, Extrusion, rod/wire drawing and tube

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