Method and apparatus for applying tension to flexible items

An apparatus and method for applying tension to flexible items, including wire, barbed wire, cable, or rope, are described herein. A stationary clamping member is fixedly attached to a first end of a guide bar, extending outwardly therefrom, while a non-stationary clamping member is movably mounted to and extending outward from the guide bar substantially parallel to the stationary clamping member. The free end of a first flexible item is secured in the stationary clamping member, while the free end of a second flexible item is secured in the non-stationary clamping member. A tensioning assembly, such as a ratchet-like assembly engaging notches in the guide bar, is used to move the non-stationary clamping member away from the stationary clamping member, thereby tensioning one or both flexible items. Once the flexible items have been tensioned, they can be twisted together to form a connection without losing tension.
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