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Strategic interventions to enhance competitiveness: a case of Surat zari industry in India

R Garg, M Sidhpuria – AI & SOCIETY, 2013
Secrecy related to the processes like wire drawing, electroplating and gilding could,
however, act as an entry barrier. As mentioned above, fine wire drawing and
electroplating/gilding requires skill and cannot be mastered by all.

Theoretical and experimental analyses of ultrasonic-assisted indentation forming of tube

A Abdullah, M Paknejad, S Dashti, A Pak, AM Beigi – Proceedings of the Institution of …, 2013
decrease. It was also observed that the reduction in drawing force is diminished at
greater drawing speeds.4 Siegert and Ulmer5 in 2001 investigated the superimposing
of ultra- sonic waves on the dies in tube and wire drawing.

[PDF] Numerical solution of MHD flow and heat transfer for Maxwell fluid over an exponentially stretching sheet with variable thermal conductivity in porous medium

V Singh, S Agarwal – Thermal Science, 2013
The flow of a non-Newtonian fluid over a stretching sheet has attracted considerable attention
during the last two decades due to its vast applications in industrial manufacturing such as hot
rolling, wire drawing, glass fiber and paper production, drawing of plastic films, polymer

Mechanical conditions in bulk metal forming tribometers—Part two

P Groche, J Stahlmann, C Müller – Tribology International, 2013
62, 1996, p.140-146; 16. Lazzarotto, L& Dubar, L& Dubois, A& Ravassard, P& Oudin,
J., "Identification of Coulomb's friction coefficient in real contact conditions applied to
a wire drawing process", Wear, vol. 211–1, 1997, p.54-63; 17.

Recrystallisation In A Cold Drawn Low Cost Beta Titanium Alloy During Rapid Resistance Heating

AA Gazder, VQ Vu, AA Saleh, PE Markovsky… – Journal of Alloys and …, 2013
The microstructure and micro-texture evolution in an 80 and 90% cold drawn LCB-Ti alloy
subjected to rapid annealing was analysed via electron back-scattering d.


N Kishan, S Jagadha
Also, the study of micropolar fluids is very significant due to their potential application in many
industrial processes; for example, in continuous casting glass-fiber production, paper production,
metal extrusion, hot rolling, wire drawing, drawing of plastic films, metal and polymer

Artificial Immune System for Multi-Area Economic Dispatch

SS De, A Hazra, M Basu – International Journal of Emerging Electric Power …
Wire drawing effects, occurring as each steam admission valve in a turbine starts to open,
produce a rippling effect on the unit curve. To model the effect of valve-points, a recurring
rectified sinusoid contribution is added to the quadratic function [23].

Causes of Failure and Repairing Options for Dies and Molds: A Review

S Jhavar, CP Paul, NK Jain – Engineering Failure Analysis, 2013
The life of industrial dies and molds can be efficaciously increased by timely repair of damaged
surfaces. The degree and severity of damages of these vital pro.

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